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But these folders are not in a place that a user can easily find so below are some steps that I hope to make it easier for you to access the folder manual if you want.This is the Root folder on my machine that we use in the examples on this page: is not so nice, but Microsoft must use that of Apple.But in Mac Office 2016 Microsoft have to deal with Apple’s sandbox requirements.When you use VBA in Mac Excel 2016 that Save or Open files you will notice that it is possible that it will ask you permission to access the file or folder (Grant File Access Prompt), this is because of Apple’s sandbox requirements.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. When you turn on the filter in an Excel worksheet list, or if you create a named Excel table, each cell in the heading row automatically shows a drop down arrow.In this video, Neil demonstrates that you can easily attach a macro to a button, and have a document emailed to you.The text file with the two macros can be downloaded here: Form Macros Remember, any time you add macros to a document, you require your users to permit macros to run, which could be a security risk.

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You can leave all the arrows showing, or remove the Auto Filter, or use programming to hide one or more of the arrows. For each workbook, open it and refresh all links using Active Workbook. As you open the workbook, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to update external source, Application. The Sub Procedure loop through specific folder and find all xls and xlsx files. Delete Next o Row End Sub Public Sub Delete Empty Rows()Dim o Table As Table, o Row As Range, o Cell As Cell, Counter As Long, _Num Rows As Long, Text In Row As Boolean' Specify which table you want to work on. Tables(1)' Set a range variable to the first row's range Set o Row = o Table. Screen Updating = False For Counter = 1 To Num Rows Status Bar = "Row " & Counter Text In Row = False For Each o Cell In o Row. Wyman is a Business Analyst based in Hong Kong, specialized in business analysis, project management, and also creating custom Function and Sub solutions, and is proficient in report automation with Access.


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