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Merian was a naturalist and illustrator who made many enduring works, at a time when few women were encouraged to participate in science. She was schooled in the art of painting and possessed a voracious hunger for knowledge of the natural world.

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Draper, star of Thirtysomething and her screenwriting debut The Tic Code, is the executive producer of the series, and often writer and director.

Albie Hecht, former Nickelodeon chief and creator of the Spike TV network, is the executive producer, under his Worldwide Biggies tag.

It’s fitting to remember that such artistry and science builds on a long tradition of work by explorers to document, and at least intellectually preserve, part of the wondrous natural world, from Audubon’s birds to Charles Darwin’s sketches.

What do you think of such illustrations in todays’ age of digital reproduction?


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