Internet dating too fast

We danced and kissed on the dance floor for about an hour, but we decided to be good boys and not go home together that night.

We swapped phone numbers, and, the next day, I went on a two-week vacation. (Why does it seem that whenever you meet a guy, one of you goes away the next day on a two-week trip?

I'm not particularly excited to meet him, not the way I get when I'm on my way to meet a guy I've met in real life, about whom I've developed genuine feelings. I'm traveling through Central Park, on my way to a date, and yet my eyes wander, sizing up the guys on my bus whom I've concluded are gay. When our parents were courting, was dating this much like shopping? After Date One, he referred to me in his texts as "unemployed," which I think he thought was endearing, but I found it rude. This brunette looks Jewish, and I'm supposed to end up with another Jewish guy, aren't I? On our first date, we went to a wine bar and made out along the Hudson River.I was positive that this guy would not be my husband, but I was willing to keep hanging out with him. Zero others were knocking at my door, so maybe he would grow on me. If you say you won't date "fatties," even skinny chicks won't date you. Keep e-mails, calls, and date requests to a minimum. While it’s mostly men who don’t want to lose any time, more and more women are ready to speed things up a little.


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