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The outfit was to accompany them through one of the most successful eras ever for any English club.

Prior to then, the team sported the fairly pedestrian combination of red football shirts, white shorts and red socks although their first ever kit was, whisper it, blue and white halves, ironically to differentiate themselves from their near neighbours Everton who at the time wore pink.

Maybe they food shame people at those before stuffing them into an oversized, unsexy sack of a top.

Liverpool’s famous all-red kit that has for decades struck fear into the opposition (although not so much lately) was first worn in 1964 against Anderlecht when legendary Reds manager Bill Shankly, in an attempt to make his side appear larger and more intimidating, asked his captain Ron Yeats to model an all-red outfit. ” Shankly is said to declare and the famous Liverpool kit was born.

Narration: It begins as a phone call - and then a meeting - usually late at night.

Reporter Stephen Lemons spotted the group of “about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth,” he wrote in the Phoenix New Times.

Lemons, a liberal, said he initially thought, “Hey, lefties with guns, that’s cool.” But the sentiment didn’t last long.

Then you could be working with a workplace psychopath.

A corporation has a problem and they need Dr John Clarke's help. Dr John Clarke: The common misconception with psychopaths is that they're all violent extreme kind of criminals.


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    Aly and AJ signed with Red Light Management in 2013.