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But with subjects ranging from a paedophile acquiring a sex-therapy robot and wondering how they’ll get along, to graphic, kinky, and submissive sex, to an unborn child narrating her own tale, it’s fair to say that June Caldwell, in her debut collection Room Little Darker, isn’t like most other short-story writers.

A former journalist based in Dublin, Caldwell completed an MA in creative writing at Queen’s University in Belfast and has won the Moth International Short Story Prize.

Meanwhile a married woman detailed how her husband even texted her messages of encouragement when she was trying to seduce the man they’d agreed on.

“I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf,” the woman admits.

“I cannot believe my husband lets me have as much sex as I want with my boyfriend,” she says.

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That it lasted almost a week was down to British incompetence as much as it was to Irish luck or pluck. While the rebels famously failed to take the wide-open Dublin Castle, the well-positioned Trinity College and the strategically important Crow Street Telephone exchange, the flower of the British administration in Ireland was enjoying the fleshpots of Fairyhouse Racecourse while they were being made fools of in Dublin. Patrick Pearse did not read the proclamation of the Irish republic from the steps of the General Post Office. Most of the fatalities incurred, as the British sought to take back the city of Dublin, were civilians, more than 250 of them. One of the civilian fatalities was the pacifist Francis Sheehy Skeffington, brutally murdered on the orders of an insane British officer, Captain J. Bowen Colthurst from Cork as he went about thr city trying to prevent looting.

64 members of the Volunteers or the Irish Citizens Army lost their lives, as did 116 British soldiers.

“Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home.

When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.” Six months down the line, the woman says she is happy having a husband and a boyfriend.


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