Is audrina patridge still dating justin bobby

The "Justin Bobby" nickname — which most viewers thought Lo Bosworth came up after being introduced to the free-spirited, motorcycle-riding, hair cutting, sometimes-boyfriend of Audrina Partridge — was actually created because of confusion on set with Partridge and the camera crew."It was misconstrued 'cause it happened with Audrina actually, 'cause she knew me as Justin," Brescia said.

"And then when we started filming I was telling her, ' Let's just say Bobby' — Robert [being] my middle name kind of thing — and she did a little bit and then she started slipping and saying Justin.

But whatever happened to Justin Bobby Brescia, the long-haired prince who wooed Audrina Patridge and left everybody else wondering why exactly he had two first names? Justin Bobby recently sat down with for a "where are they now" check-in, and it turns out he's been up to quite a bit since he left the employ of MTV.

Lauren was actually furious because she had somewhere else to be, the wedding was delayed by a few because the power went out, and the producers had locked her in the basement with a security guard so she couldn't leave. Heidi Never Tried to Trick Spencer Into Having a Baby As soon as Heidi and Spencer became Mr. Pratt, it looked like Heidi had a bad case of baby fever—and Spencer did that she never tried to trick Spencer.

In fact, starting a family wasn't even a part of their plan back then.

"I don't like tricking or manipulating people or things like that," she said.

Production was kind of running around saying, ' Who's Justin? ' They kinda brought it together and I think they had to put it onscreen somehow, so they just laid it up to Lo."Now, six years after ended, Brescia is based in Austin, Texas, and is currently on his first tour with his alternative punk band, Bobbyroc K, although he still sometimes cuts hair.

After only one season as the star of "The Hills," Kristin Cavallari has retired her wild antics and reined in resident bad boy Justin Bobby.


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