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In our recent Facebook Live interview (below), Jeffrey Donovan admitted he never knew what his co-star was going to do next, saying Strickland fully embodied “Linda’s cunning way of looking at life.”" data-reactid="14"Shut Eye also features two of the toughest broads on TV (network, cable, or streaming): Ka Dee Strickland and Isabella Rossellini.

The close-grip pullups should be done with hands inside shoulder-width.

And she may be into her career, but what she's really...

By Maureen Ryan If you've ever wondered what goes on those inside storefronts that advertise the services of psychics, "Shut Eye" does a good job of breaking down their rituals and scams. By Jacob Bryant “Grey’s Anatomy” has upped a MD to a regular player, and “Project Runway All Stars” is returning soon for Season 5, in today’s news roundup . By Dave Mc Nary Jeffrey Donovan will portray President John F.

Complications ensue when Sara's latest scoop happens to be one of Alex's clients. The easy thing to do would be to take potshots at this film; throw out things like 'Fresh Prince', 'getting jiggy with it', and even throw around the whole 'black dude making a white dude cool' angle; but that's too easy isn't it? Of course you won't see it up for an Oscar (what a tired joke that is); nor does it contain Quientin Tarantion-esquire dialogue or groundbreaking visuals. ), but if you're looking for a above average date movie with more than a few belly laughs, this is your film.

When Hitch meets Albert for the first time and they are sitting on the stairs talking, there is a speck of cigarette ash (or some other flake of some sort) that jumps lapels from shot to shot. But taken for what it is, a romantic comedy, it really is very good.


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