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Planet Rock staff belay (holds the ropes) and supervise kids while parents take pictures and relax! All gear needed for a safe (and fun) day of climbing is provided.

A private party room with tables and chairs is available for most party times.

This documentary focused on the cocaine generation to the crack generation.

Makers Duevel recommend placing their Planets speakers in the centre of a room, allowing everyone to bathe in the musical glow - but your partner may have something to say about that…£800 per pair, uk Duewel's Planet speakers weigh almost 10kg and stand a metre tall, the Planets speakers come in metallic or coloured finishes.Small group belay lessons arranged through our group coordinator receive one free adult belay lesson per every four child or adult starter package purchased. Each party is allowed 10 non-climbing “observing” guests, each additional guest is .Clip & Climb: per person | 3 hours of climbing If your group does not wish to learn how to belay (hold the ropes) for each other, Planet Rock provides belayers.It follows a successful debut run which featured Simo, Aaron Keylock and Federal Charm.Tickets for the 2017 Planet Rock Roadstars Tour featuring Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch are on sale now!Many hip hop artists were drug dealers and now they rap about their past experiences.


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