Rules dating my teenage daughter

When it comes to fathers with daughters, there are unique challenges associated with this endeavor.Over at The Good Men Project, Marcus Williams and Joanna Schroeder teamed up to help.'It felt like I was cutting a new path through a dense jungle, on my own,' he said.'I knew that there must be many other dads stuck in the same jungle, but I had no way of contacting them.'Lizzie benefitted hugely from the online support group from Beat, but at the time there wasn't an equivalent for dads.

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The consistent refrain from the network and cast has been “This happens to families,” which is of course true.

While Williams and Schroeder recognize this is a lengthy set of instructions, we think they are all very much worth reading. The point is that it shouldn’t be the only kind of compliment she gets, so she doesn’t feel that only her appearance matters.

Take a look, and let us know what they might have missed in the comments. Tell her she’s pretty, but tell her other good things about herself more. Compliment her intelligence, her resourcefulness, her imagination, her hard work, and her strength. Checklist of things to teach her: routine car maintenance, how to stop a toilet from overflowing, how to set a mousetrap, how to use the fuse box, how to turn off the water main. No need to fill their sandbox with only sugar and spice. You don’t have to weep if you hated the critter, but the point is to show that it’s okay for men to feel and express emotions when they come up, even hard ones like sadness and grief.

A father has told how he felt utterly 'powerless' to help as he watched his then 14-year-old daughter battle life-threatening anorexia.

Nick Pollard, 60, from Southampton, said he had assumed his daughter Lizzie's eating disorder was 'just another problem I could solve', only to receive the sort of call every parent dreads - informing him that she was in a serious condition in hospital.


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