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The titles of prince and princess, which are claimed by children of the Aga Khan by virtue of their descent from the Qajar king Fath Ali Shah of the Persian Qajar dynasty, were recognized as courtesy titles by the British government in 1938.Aly Khan was born in Turin, Italy, the younger son and only surviving child of the Aga Khan III and Cleope Teresa "Ginetta" Magliano. He had two brothers: Prince Giuseppe Mahdi Aga Khan (who died in 1911) and, by his father's third marriage, Sadruddin Aga Khan.That same year, he participated in the Allied landing in the south of France with the United States Seventh Army, serving as a liaison officer with the rank of captain; for this, he was made an officer in the Legion of Honor in 1950.Prince Aly Khan was installed as the 1st Colonel of the Regiment of the newly raised 4 Cavalry Regiment (1 November 1956), Pakistani Army in a military ceremony during 1957 and he retained this honor until his death.Aga Khan IV is a Swiss-born British business tycoon, as well as the 49th and current Imam of ‘Nizari Ismailism’.This biography of Aga Khan IV provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

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He is also known for his business acumen, and his extensive private holdings include hotels, airlines, and newspapers.

Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) is a Swiss-born British business tycoon, as well as the 49th and current Imam of ‘Nizari Ismailism’.

Educated in Switzerland and at Harvard University, he was chosen as the successor to the imamate of the Nizārī Ismāʿīlī sect by his grandfather, the Aga Khan III, whom he succeeded in 1957.

Through organizations such as the ‘Aga Khan Foundation’, the imamate funded aid agencies offering educational, health, and housing services in South Asia and East Africa.

He became the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims and currently chairs the ‘Aga Khan Development Network’.


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