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There are early original maps of New Spain dating from 1561 (1599 edition), 1584, and 1597 (also in a 1611 edition of "the first American atlas").16th-century mapmakers represented in this collection include Martin Waldseemueller (the man who named America), Peter Apian, Johannes Honter, Sebastian Muenster, Abraham Ortelius, Michael Mercator, Girolamo Ruscelli, Cornelis van Wytfliet, and Giovanni Antonio Magini.But the rest of the map is in Messapian, the ancient tongue of the local tribes, although the script is ancient Greek.The seas on either side of the peninsula, the Ionian and the Adriatic, are depicted by parallel zig-zag strokes.The library is located on the sixth floor of Central Library. UT Arlington’s Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library is renowned for its collection of maps and maps in books relating to Texas.During fall and spring semesters, Special Collections is open AM to PM Tuesday through Saturday and AM to PM Monday. Among the oldest are world maps from 1544 (1575 edition), 1546, 1550(1550-1572), and 1561, as well as early maps of America (the "New World") dating to 1513 (in a 1541 edition), 1540 (in a 1552 edition), 1570, 1587, 1589, 1595 (edition of 1609), and 1596(1598 edition).

The map went on public display for the first time this week in the Archaeological National Museum of Taranto.

Located on top of the third highest mountain in Alabama, the stone formations here are said to be among the oldest naturally exposed stones in the world, dating from 600 million to 1.3 billion years old. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit this incredible natural amphitheater.

Boncuklu Höyük is the site of a 10,500 year old village near the City of Konya in the high Anatolian plateau of Central Turkey.

The home of Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati (1910-1978), the last "king" of Ubud, it is now occupied by his descendants and dance performances are held in its courtyard.

It was also one of Ubud's first hotels, dating back to the 1930s.


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